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Meet Zulu

Committed to over a 13 years of training under a Capoeira Master and Kick Boxing enthusiast are great ways to describe Zulu. He has taught Capoeira Angola Palmares for 10 years in Nashville and studied Muay Thai, Kick Boxing and Aikido for years. He enjoys training hard, having fun and keeping every class he teaches new and exciting. If you enjoy reaching your health goals, becoming stronger and more flexible, check out TRAPOIERA!

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Meet Seresta

There’s nothing more disappointing than attempting to make a lifestyle change and not knowing where to start!

So you hire a personal trainer, a bomb looking one at that!” you know how we do” I’m talking um um um Campbell’s good because they are “BODY GOALS” and you hope to look somewhat similar to that; But We fail to realize that due to that trainers genetics, history of playing sports and never weighing in over a buck 50 this trainer has no idea what it feels like to be out of shape and overweight! Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with that! They’re certified, and qualified, but can they relate?

Hello, my name is Seresta Shantrell and my advantage in training is remembering being exactly where you are today! I know what it feels like to be out of shape, underweight, overweight and I even struggled with loose skin due to extreme weight loss starting as high as 250lbs and dropping as low as 149lbs in less than a year. 100lbs later I turned my lifestyle into my career, and my fitness journey has allowed me to not only understand your wants but also your needs to find your hidden body goals!

Are you ready to transform?

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Renee Watkins

Meet Renee

If by chance you don’t know already, my name is Renee. Most people (now) know me as a yoga instructor but there is sooooo much more to this being than that.

Before yoga, I had given birth to two children (Aniya Chavon and Aidyn Craig), modeled for 6 years, and received my Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice and Psychology from Tennessee State University. I would have never thought I would be a yoga instructor when I was younger, hell I thought I was going to be a rapper!!!

I started yoga under the advice of my runway coach in July of 2013 to prepare for a fashion show. Though the original purpose was to better myself physically, I quickly became more intrigued by what yoga did for me mentally.

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Aubonee “Candy Coated A.B.” Holmes

Meet A.B.

Aubonee “Candy Coated A.B.” Holmes, the founder of Candy Coated Choreography teaches adult dance fitness classes. Her class is designed for women to gain confidence through dance while learning to be comfortable in their own skin.

It creates a safe space for women to be able to feel the expression of dance and feminism through mind, body, and soul without judgement.


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Meet C.O.D.E JAY

C•O•D•E JAY (Cardio Outreach Dance Entertainment)  His class is a dance program dedicated to enhancing ones self esteem and personal growth in a supportive and nurturing environment.

Best known for the high “enerJAY” choreography of hip hop, bucking, and twerking.

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Mel J

Meet Mel J

Heading into her 6th official season leading the well-known outdoors fitness group the “FitStars”, Melissa MelJFit Ewing is proving that her passion and loyalty to the well-being of others health is what keeps her in high demand and a favorite amongst her peers.

Born in Nashville, TN… Mel J (44) is a mother of two (Reggie & Cherysh), grandmother, sister, daughter and friend. At an early age, she realized that her passion for fitness was more than just “something to do.” She worked out many times alone but often thought “who else would benefit from this journey”, “how many lives can be changed”, more importantly, “how many lives can be SAVED”, so she quickly rallied up her friends & family organizing walks in the park and boot camps at the Capital, thus FITSTARS was born.

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