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Mel J

Meet Mel J

Heading into her 6th official season leading the well-known outdoors fitness group the “FitStars”, Melissa MelJFit Ewing is proving that her passion and loyalty to the well-being of others health is what keeps her in high demand and a favorite amongst her peers.

Born in Nashville, TN… Mel J (44) is a mother of two (Reggie & Cherysh), grandmother, sister, daughter and friend. At an early age, she realized that her passion for fitness was more than just “something to do.” She worked out many times alone but often thought “who else would benefit from this journey”, “how many lives can be changed”, more importantly, “how many lives can be SAVED”, so she quickly rallied up her friends & family organizing walks in the park and boot camps at the Capital, thus FITSTARS was born.